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12 June 2018

Environmental Pollution Control Awareness - by Environmental Management Services of Mkhondo Local Municipality


Brought to you by: Mkhondo Local Municipality; Department Of Community Services; Environmental Management Services Division

 Mkhondo Local Municipality: Environmental Pollution Control Awareness programme.


An important part of waste control is conserving the earth. What resources should we be mindful of preserving and why?

  • Fossil fuels used to make petrol and diesel is not available in unlimited supplies. What is more, is that using them results in emissions that are harmful to our planet’s atmosphere – the very air we breathe!
  • Clean water is one of our planet’s resources. Waste water today (not only by using too much of it or being careless about how water is wasted, but also by contaminating clean water with things like detergents and toxins) and we may be in need of water in the near future.
  • Our green heritage is making way for concrete jungles and highways, while our planet needs trees and plants in order to provide clean air for us to breathe.
  • Electricity is an important resource because it literally powers our lives. However, to generate electricity is not only expensive, but precious resources such as coal and water are used to generate power, the cost to use electricity of course also makes it important to conserve it and use it sparingly.

“If we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” – Wangari Maathai